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“BAI” means: “All rivers run into sea “.  From the Jin Yuan Hong "three officialorder:" praise "is not, Fangcun haina." Li Zhouhan note:"the heart of the heart, such as the Nabaichuan, it also containswide.". The implication is: broad-minded, generous and open-minded. Inorder to encourage employees to broaden their minds.

“SHENG” means:”Holy time” . From "Mencius, underChapter 10000": "Mencius said:" Bo, divine Qing; Yi Yin, SaintYanagishita Megumi, Saint Ren also; and those who are; Confucius, sage."" The implication is: to adapt to the trend of development of thepeople. In order to give unlimited expectations of employees, can not be tooconservative or conservative, to adapt to the development of the times, andconstantly improve their ability.

Core values: Achievement customer ; Mutual benefitand common prosperity ;  Sincerity

Vision: to become an integral part of the hardwaremanufacturing industry.

Mission: committed to the pursuit of excellence inquality, the production of customer satisfaction products.

Spirit:Make concerted efforts and Cooperate withabsolute sincerity

Style:Realistic Rigorous Steady

Motto:Simple things repeat, you are anexpert. Repeat what you do, you are the winner.

Development course:

1996. BAISHENG  involved in the founder of decorativehardware industry.

2000. BAISHENG founder independent researchand development and the creation of brand.

2002. BAISHENG has a complete working systemfrom production to shipment.

2004. BAISHENG was the founder of theindustry as "Guangdong ten outstanding young positions expert" honor.

2008. BAISHENG Tongren all donated a total of50 thousand yuan of Southern ice disaster supplies. Founder donated 10 thousandyuan to the people in disaster areas.

2010. BAISHENG cooperation with MadeIn China to create the company's first B2B platform.

2013. BAISHENG cooperation with Alibaba(ALIBABA), stationed in Alibaba international station. Opened a broader foreigntrade trip.

Enterprise honor

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